Masonary Repairs
Clay Flue Tiles Replaced and Extended
Leak Repairs & Flashings
Chimney Inspection
When Chimney Crown has small surface cracks or is absorbing water I Seal it with a product called Crownseal.It go's on wet, then dries to leave you with a custom fit rubberized crown suface that is water proof
Chimney Crown
When Chimney Crown is cracked as bad as this one it must be removed and a new cement crown must be poured.
  Proper chimney repair is Not Just filling Cracks
Bad mortar is removed with a diamond blade grinder 1/2"-1" deep
Then Brick or Stone must be washed (for dust free surface)
Then new mortar is carefully tuctpointed in
Once Repaired a Water Repellant is Recomended 
Does your chimney look like this? 
  Some chimneys are in worse condition than others, some should be replaced with a new chimney.In Most cases repairs can be made(Tuctpointing).
I also repair Stairs, Foundations, and Walls.
Cracked Or Deteriorated Flue-Tiles are a HAZARD 
  Most Chimneys I inspect have either damaged flues or the flue was to short since the day it was built.Flues should extend a min. 2" out of the crown on top of the chimney.When problems like this are found thay can be repaired without Relining entire flue with stainless steel.My average flue tile repairs are about 1/3 the price of a new Stainless liner.
Most problems with top flues are caused because of  water absorption or cracked crown & not having a chimney cap.
Flashseal is like installing a custom fit waterproof boot around the base of your chimney.Flashseal's strength and flexibility will provide years of trouble free service to help stop the damaging effects of water that can enter your home from a faulty or deteriorated flashing.
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ChimneySaver(Flashseal)Stops that leak!
FlashSeal is a long-lasting flashing repair system designed to stop leaks from faulty or deteriorated flashing around chimneys, stacks, and vents. 
Is Your Flashing Leaking?
Roofing Cement & Lexonite Dry out, Shrink and Crack!
They are also not Flexable!
Is your Flashing letting in water and causing damage?
Next time up to your attic, look for the water stains at the roof inside.
6 out 10 inspections I find leaks!!!
Chimney Inspection Checklist 
  *Flue liner condition
*Proper Constuction
*Masonary Condition
*Vent pipe ( Proper pitch & Cleanance to Comustibles )
*Proper Cleanout access
*Spark arrestor/Raincap/Animal Gaurd